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Zup's journal
« on: October 06, 2019, 12:57:01 pm »
*scrawled in tiny neat letters*

Been exploring the great Forest around castle Hilm with Markyl. He’s shown me lots of big dumb stupidhead giants always trying to step on me. Shoot em in the eyes is my motto normally but these ones are big! So I’ve had to use my handaxes a lot more on the in close work on these giants.  Cutting their ankles out under them gets their attention way too quickly.  I wish I could create a darkness like some of the finger wagglers do around the giants. I can use my cloak of the nighteyes that lets me see perfectly well in the darkness but the big dumb stupidheads can’t see me. A couple of hacks to their ankles and then the big dumb stupidhead’s days of squishing little Gnomes is over!

There was a Gnome, one of our deep kin I remember, Vin I think was his name. He could use something like darkness to disappear from sight whenever he wanted! I need to try and look for him or find out how he did that. I need to find someone who can help me learn from. I think I’ll ask Markyl what he knows.