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'Rogue Highways'

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This idea has come to mind since I began playing a rogue/sorcerer 'on the run' myself, so admittedly I'm bias in favor of it for that reason.  However, I was thinking as I was going about my daily RP of sneaking into this town or that that it would be great if there were more than one way into some of the walled cities and towns than walking in the front gate past the guards.  So I began to think of ways such an idea could be implemented to give more flavor to the world without being too taxing on the exisiting system, or really unbalancing.

It seems to me that most rogueish types (even the good aligned ones) might be in trouble with the local authorities here or there at some point.  So naturally they'd be using their cunning to find ways into and out of places that are a bit unconventional.  Such as, perhaps, scaling the wall with the help of those vines that conveniently are growing there, or dirty as it may be, crawling up that sewer outlet outside the city and coming up through a man-hole in some dark, out-of-the way alley (of course one would need to bring along a spare set of clothes to change into afterward to ditch that distinctive smell one gets from crawling around in sewers...).  Anyway, you get the idea.  I imagine any city with an established 'thieves guild' type organization would also make use of such 'highways' to smuggle goods and such into and out of cities, or even to elude authorities while remaining in the city itself after a heist.  If there could be a cost associated with using these highways, that could be great too, like in the sewer example, make it cost a set of standard robes, or in scaling the wall, require a length of crafted rope.  Of course if that's not easilly doable, that's fine too, stick to the spot or search requirement.

So, implementation could be pretty easy, just add some transition objects (like those that lead to the Minarett of Symphony, or similar) that require a set level of ranks in spot or search into some of those 'dark-corner' type areas inside cities, and those 'off the beaten path' areas without the city walls.  Perhaps have one leading to the closest map in each compass direction from the city, as any true rogue knows it's never a good idea to take the same path twice in a row, especially if those local law enforcers are keen on catching you.

Anyway, how about some feedback on this idea?  Do you think it's a good one, or a bad one?  and Why do you take the stance you do?

Amen on this. Heh, being currently hunted by Lin'da, I'd like Kinai to be able to find some ways out.

Honestly, although the main part of Hempstead is closed off, the guild section is really open...Not to mention Allurial's area isn't so tight, and the docks area is obviously pretty simple. I just think, yes, they are a "good" town with good security, but at the same time, you can't stop a rogue from scaling walls and such.

Overall, I love the idea. As a rogue on the run character myself, I'd really like this idea to be implemented.

Ah, of course! The Thieves' Highway! (Any other fans of the games here?)

Perfect implementation that would definitely add some flavour to the cities. In Vehl, even, jumping off the wall into the water could be great (I noticed Kinai role-played that at some point). Really, this would be great fun, and like you said, not that taxing on the system either. I hope it goes through!

I think it's fabulous, and that it makes good sense. You'd still have to avoid the guards and such once in town, but, as we all know, there is no such thing as an impregnable fortress.

It also doesn't sound too difficult to implement.. **waits expectantly for word from the team**

Difficult to implement? No

Run-time impact?  Probably low

Time-intensive to implement? Yes, very

I will say though that this idea, or at least parts of the idea, will make more sense in some cities and less in others due to background information that may not necessarily be known to most players.  So, for example, Leringard may be better suited than Port Hempstead.

Of course...there'd have to be some down-side involved as well, I think. *grins evilly*


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