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BoB Rank clarification

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This is the info I have on BoB ranks

All Brothers of Battle will replace their last name with the given title of the rank. If the PC has no last name the rank title will be used as the last name.

Initiate: Level 8 Title: None
Required: Vorax as your Deity. Give up all weapons, Leather Armor & Shield if used, and any Helm of any type. After creation of HoA2 do not use it and give it to a GM as soon as possible. Declare wanting to become a Brother of Battle in Bio and RP with current Brother of Battle or a Battle Priest of Vorax.

Brother of Battle
Deity: Vorax
Class: Monk Only Min. Level = 12
Race: Any
Alignment: LG
Tumble Rank of: 15
Weapon Finesse in Unarmed Strike
Circle Kick
Improved Critical in Unarmed Strike
Diamond Soul

CDQ 1, Title "Stone Soul"
Added Abilities via Cloak "Vorax’s Blessing"

CDQ 2, Min. Level 16 Title "Stone Will"
Added Ability via belt "Girdle of Vorax”

ECDQ 1, Min. Level 20 Title "Stone Foot"
Added Ability via boots. (name & abilities TBD)

ECDQ 2, Min. Level 30 Title "Stone Palm" Optional Title for Master of Order: "Stone Fist"
Added Ability via gloves “Fists of Vorax” (abilities TBD)

My question is, to get the level 20 rank do I need to take a WLQ? The list is old and required an ECDQ for level 20. Is it possable to do a CDQ for the level 20 rank and not get all the powers and privilages of a world leader? I just want to know so I can develop my character in the right direction.


The list is old, and I'm also not sure it's entirely correct.
Where did you get it from?

It was PM'd to me by Zen (AKA Garnet Stonesoul). It is also in the following link



Ah right, as I never okay'ed that list, in any event, I'd lean towards a WLDQ for the Stone Foot rank, but maybe not.

I'll aim for a WLDQ, since it has the more strict guide lines. I'll go with the above list until I'm informed of an approved one.



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