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Do you have a question for Leanthar?

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If so then post it here and I will do my best to answer it. Just do not ask about the plot or quest information.

Just how long to Elves live on Layonara?

The standard D&D years is what I go by.  The average is about 350 years is my guess.  The OLD/ANCIENT ones can live up to about 700+ years (but not very often).
  I do not have the rules book in front of me or I would open it up and get precise.

When a PC dies (or NPC for that matter) Where does there soul go? Does the soul have a say in if it becomes raised/ress'ed?

On Layonara (currently) a soul goes to the Plane of the Lost (much much larger area than you can imagine). 
    No, a soul does not have a choice to come back or not.  Cleric spells etc. pull the soul back to the body regardless of if the character wanted to be raised or not.  The only way a soul can be stopped is if a Deity (or one close to deity status), The Harvester of Souls, The Soul Mother, or The Gatherer of Souls step in and stop the soul.


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