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Group (Party) Limitations


Hi there,
 I'm not familiar with the NwN scripting language, but after perusing the forums for nearly 12 hours so far today, I stumbled across a long thread regarding excessively large groups (resulting from continent-wide tells to friends).
 A few things that I noticed in common with a majority of the posts were:
 1) People grouping would be from a wide array of level ranges.
 2) People grouping would often be from other continents at the time of party formation.
 To circumvent this, is it possible to use the scripting in NwN to limit parties to x number of PC's with a level range that is +/- X of the party leader?
 For example, if the party leader is level 10, other PC's of level 8 - 12 could join.  If someone that is outside of that level range attempts to join, they could be issued a "You can't join that party" message.
 Again, not knowing what the limitations are with the scripting language, I'm not sure exactly how much limitation there is over the control of in-game mechanics.  If there isn't a whole lot of limitation, you could even go so far as to limit which alignments could form a party together.
 Just a thought or two, with the intent of trying to solve a gripe that I've seen on the boards.
 ~Raythen, anxiously awaiting character approval~

Raythen -

While a script-based solution could easily be implemented, there are many occasions where a wide level spread is perfectly alright (on GM quests, this is sometimes the case), or where partying is being used for mechanical purposes.

While enforcement could be automated, we prefer to work on the honour system - players know what defines acceptable party spread, and what defines unacceptable party spread, and can choose for themselves.  Having to occasionally intervene as GMs with a word or two is a small price to pay for leaving the flexibility in the system to allow for extenuating cases.

Thanks, though, for your thought in this matter. :)

Thanks darkstorme.  Your points have been noted.  Flexibility is always nice to have, and using a few words of en(or dis)couragement from a GM is far easier than hard-coding a strict-enforced script. ;)
 I'm considering downloading the development pack to take a look at the scripting language.  I had it downloaded a few years back, but from what I've heard there's lots that's changed in it.
 Any idea where I can get it from again?

*brow furrows*

Development pack?  The toolset comes with the game!

Script Wrecked:
Scripting documentation is always useful (download).


Script Wrecked.


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