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in town dwellings


I wonder if it would ever be possible to use some of those doors all about various towns.

Small 3-5 room dwellings...apartments or condos.

Not as expensive as full fledged houses.

Just little starter places for our characters to actually live.

The problem with this has been mentioned several times.  It's not a lack of doors  or team time that causes the "housing shortage" - it's server space.  A NWN Server can only run so many areas simultaneously in a module before certain issues start to crop up.  Layo, if you haven't noticed, is huge.

As a result, adding even a single area is a matter of huge debate (the pros of the area vs. the cons to the server) - and housing is lower priority than new plot-related or world-building areas.

So while it's a nice idea, and has been proposed several times already, it isn't a practical solution.  There have been rumblings that the Team is working on something, however, so don't give up hope for affordable housing for the masses. :)

Edit: This post illustrates an idea in a similar vein - and its problems.

I figured it had, I just hadn't stumbled across it.  Being one of those who would like a tiny affordable place..I figured it was worth at least asking.

I understand the reasons stated and accept them without complaint.  :)


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