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Location Thread: Liwich Castle


//This thread tracks the goings on in Liwich Castle. There are no PCs present at the start of this thread. Please only post in this thread if your character has traveled to, or very near by, Liwich Castle. When your character departs or enters, please make the join/departure clear with IC post.//This is an IC thread, please try to keep all posts IC.Liwich's people are rough, rowdy but often rock solid. The flamboyant leader is no different. She directs the city's efforts, having made allowance for the assistive presence of the Rofirienites. Like other locations, they have set up a number of neighborhood clinics. Somewhat better staged to withstand an assault, Liwich Castle has started out with a decent level of supplies and organization. However since the city is on a veritable lock down, little information is getting in or out of the castle at present.


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