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Location Thread: Redferns
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//This thread tracks the goings on in Redferns. No PCs are present at the start of this thread. Please only post in this thread if your character has traveled to, or very near by, Redferns. When your character departs or enters, please make the join/departure clear with IC post.//This is an IC thread, please try to keep all posts IC.This small town of Redferns is easily zerved by the delegation of Rofirienites sent to assist them with the outbreak of Wasting Death. Unfortunately there's been very little that can be done but to ease the suffering of those who fall ill with the disease. The town quietly waits for additional assistance, with little information moving in or out of the area.


Sibbicai On seeing the
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Sibbicai On seeing the various things that are happening in this area and speaking to poeple he may find on his travels through the Liwich Realm he travels to each town, he offers to help deliver supplies and askes what they need. He never enters the town and only speaks to a outer guard guarding the town if there are are any and wears what protection he can on his face to avoid contamination.

He finds ony one town that really wants some help in Redfern and gives them what he is carrying among his personal belongings.  (temple donation reciept#29192. He feels saddened that the other towns did not accept his aid and asks the guards if he could recieve a signed letter from the town leadership stating that they did recieve aid from him and could vouch for him in this letter so that he can show the other towns this letter and help the other towns as well who did not believe he woudl help them. 

He waits for the letter a good distance from the outer guards and lets them know he will wait  for the letter if they will give him one.

Eventually he leaves (with or without the letter) and promises to return with more aid but before leaving he asks if they are recieving any aid from any other sources and what kind?

Pondering if the makeshift facemask was sufficient he starts sketching up a real suit on his return trip home to Port Hemp where he enlists the aid of Ferrit. Betweeen the two they fabricate a suit that he believes will afford him better protection against the plague.

He also learns of the effort that has begun at the guild and the necessasity of delivering supplies that actually have a early cure and need the material components. After informing Ferrit of his interaction with the various town affected and how he was rebuffed when he asked to help he believes that a signed letter from senior guild members stating his membership in the guild and their promise to deliver supplies until the plague is finished should help.



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