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//This thread tracks the goings on in Wymere. At the start of this thread Daniella is present. Please only post in this thread if your character has traveled to, or very near by, Wymere. When your character departs or enters, please make the join/departure clear with IC post.//This is an IC thread, please try to keep all posts IC.Wymere, the 'other' port town of Liwich, has been hit hard by the plague known as the Wasting Death. Rofirienites have set up with neighborhood clinics throughout the town. A promonient Torantite has recently appeared and has joined in the effort to contain the spread. Despite this, resources are already stretched thin.The townspeople are frustrated and angry. Fights have begun to break out between locals on a farely regular basis.

After pulling another shift caring for the sick, Daniella walks outside to take a breath of air before getting back to work.  When she notices two people arguing and starting to throw punches, she rushes over to try to step between them and stop the fight.  "Gentlemen, please!  What is going on here!"


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It takes Daniella a not insignificant amount of time to break up the fight. When questioned, the individuals no longer seem to know or care why the fight began, only that they are tired and have various injuries to attend to. Neither seems to have sustained anything worse than bruises.

With one issue taken care of and tons of other still at hand, she goes back to work.

//Since nothing else has been commented on this since October, I suppose Daniella simply keeps working until the overall issue is resolved, until everyone is dead and there is nothing left for her to do, or until there is some cause for her to leave that is a greater good than what she is doing.


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