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Dragon Retribution is a mini campaign triggered by player actions. What is within this forum will contain the experiment of quest-by-post for this mini campaign. It is -possible- that more than one quest run may occur, depending on how the experiment goes.Please treat this forum like a quest. Anything OOC should be addressed in usual OOC methods, denoted by a // or by taking the issue outside of this forum to Ask A GM or PM or whatever is appropriate.Dragon Retribution will take place mostly in locations. As such the GMs will create locations and characters should indicate what location they are at, the details of their arrival and departures as necessary and of course what they do while there. The main point of location threads is to assist the GMs and Players in keeping track of who is where and what events are going on in those threads.Please do ask questions if necessary, again the Ask A GM or PM is preferred. Announcements regarding method changes or event changes will be here in the stuck threads as necessary.~row (with Dorg) *Edited to add the relevant threads from outside this forum leading up to this point*


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