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Author Topic: Dont be scared Nibor  (Read 78 times)


Dont be scared Nibor
« on: April 11, 2007, 06:17:45 am »
I took the time, to go through all 164 post here, and verify if they had actually been put in an update, and they all have, with a few exception, but they have already an active bug report, so no need to have duplicates. Then I moved them to the Fixed bug forum.
 I have also moved all post that you have marked as: "To be actioned"to this forum instead. This will let you look at them in peace, and will let you assign bugs to people faster than to look at all the mess in the Bug Report Forum.
 Now, this forum title might not apply to as being in the next update, so I thought perhaps a new title like, "work in progress" or "To be Actioned".
 I hope this will make it easier to squish bugs, and knows how far along we are.
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