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Author Topic: Ox pack issue  (Read 170 times)


Ox pack issue
« on: May 30, 2015, 01:09:51 pm »
Shortly after logging on, I went to my ox (Kyoto) to take the pack off of it. I am only given a dialog option to LOAD the pack onto the ox.The Ox is in Center,in the same location, and has not been anywhere else. This was the first interaction with the ox after I had logged on.The ox pack is not on the ground anywhere in the vicinity of said ox I tried relogging but made no differenve. This is the relevent message I get (from my log file):[Sun Apr 05 17:59:46] Kyoto: [What would you like to do?]  
 [Sun Apr 05 18:00:06] Akio Yuukan: [Load the pack back onto the ox.]
 [Sun Apr 05 18:00:06] Your ox pack is not near enough to load.
 [Sun Apr 05 18:00:06] It looks like your your ox recently perished and your pack has been destroyed. OOC: You can try relogging if you don't believe this is the case..
 [Sun Apr 05 18:00:07] Kyoto: [What would you like to do?]  
 [Sun Apr 05 18:00:34] Your soul is bound at Center, Bindstone in Center.
Do I need to have my ox butchered and get a new one ? ( I assume the pack contents are lost)


You logged out with your ox
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2015, 08:32:00 pm »

You logged out with your ox pack still taken off. The system destroys the pack if you log off with the pack taken off but it should have updated the db.

I've fixed the system so it sets your pack back on if you log out with it off and that fix will be in the next update.  

All your items still remain on the pack, no worries. I've manually edited the database to fix your issue in the meantime.



Thanks  All good now ! 
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All good now !