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death armor
« on: April 09, 2017, 08:02:31 pm »
spell description says 1 hour is that game hour? becuase its not a RL hour, lasts only a few minutes.


Potion or spell?  If potion,
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Potion or spell?  If potion, its possible its defaulting to the NWN version and not Layo's:

 NWN Wiki link



as spellscrolls and caster
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as spell

scrolls and caster spell description both show 1 hour, not rounds/level.

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Yeah its not as long as
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Yeah its not as long as elemental shield or acid sheath (those are based on round/lvl).  So with those if you use extended version and are high level they can last quite a bit (ie, a 30 lvl wizard, then extended acid sheath would last 1round (6 secs) x 30 x2 = 60 rounds or 360 seconds or 6 rl minutes).

Death armor only lasts one hour, which in nwn is 2 rl minutes or two turns or 20 rounds.  Extended it would last 4 rl minutes or four turns or 40 rounds.

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Well I logged on and just
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Well I logged on and just happen to find a death armor scroll playing last night and description says 1 round/level, but when I look at the the description for this spell in my spell book is says 1 hour.

So I stand corrected on both scroll and caster description say the same, they do not. This seems to be more a typo than anything else. Having the spell say 1 hour, Im thinking RL hour, not doing conversions into NWN time. It should state 20 rounds.  As most other spells state duration in rounds/ level or turns / level. this spell should be no different.

Thats bad for someone who selects this spell at level up only to find out its not really worth it at lower levels. Im sure its fine at high levels, but thats not my point. Low level mage needs every edge they can get, and this spell isnt going to help much. Its main feature is its +2 AC might get you through 2 battles at 20 rounds, if spawns are close.

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Spell durations are always
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Spell durations are always given in game time. This is not a typo.

Handy resource ->

Scroll/potion descriptions often diverge from spell descriptions in cases where we have changed the effects of the spells, because the scrolls and potions are stock NWN items, and in order to change these descriptions, we have to make duplicates of all items with changed effects and descriptions. The spell descriptions on the site should be accurate for both spells, potions and scrolls.

Could you please describ more as to why you think it's less useful at lower levels than higher ones? The duration for lower levels is far in excess of what a lower-level character would get. The damage the shield applies caps out at level 10, so it's really not that much difference (1d4 + 3 at the lowest, 1d4+10 at the highest). Both of these alterations are inexcess of the standard NWN implementation of the spell. I'm curious how you feel this is "bad" somehow and what, exactly, you are suggesting as a fix.



thansk for the explanation on
« Reply #6 on: August 08, 2015, 06:38:14 pm »

thansk for the explanation on the differences.

As to why I feel its bad its perhaps my playstyle  I suppose. I dont use these kinds of spells, as a mage your Hp are so low at lower level when you get hit their going to do far more damage to to me than I can do to them with a spell like this up and running.  The damage it does is only a fringe benefit. I would only use this strictly for the AC buff, thats why I said its the only feature I liked. I dont want to get hit.

Spells like mage armor, shield, ghostly visage are my prefered. sure some features dont stack but these buffs last 1 turn / level, while others have 1 round/ level I just though it strange this had the description of 1 hour duration  and never though about the conversion.

Suggested fix:  since duration is not level dependent and to eliminate confusion state duration = 20 rounds (see reply#4)

damage description would stay the same, which is level dependent



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Duration now reads 4 Turns.
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Duration now reads 4 Turns.