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Author Topic: Rael and Sun Timeline Minor Consistency Edits  (Read 165 times)


Rael and Sun Timeline Minor Consistency Edits
« on: May 04, 2017, 06:11:35 pm »
Rael Timeline:
King Waylend calls for outside help on a continent-wide rat problem. Adventurers in conjunction with the Church of Aragen and the king's leading mage unravel the problem as the foreshadowing of Blood's General Drezneb. At the same time, the then current Hierophant of Layonara, Rhizome, finds evidence from increased treant attacks
Rhizome did not become Hierophant until the 1390s; he may have been High Druid of Mistone by this time, however, as he certainly would be by 1381. It's possible he was neither, though. Do we know if this was before or after his epic? This is aroundish the same time, and the actual subject of his epic escapes me, but I don't think he was High Druid until after... Anyway. Not Hierophant. Perhaps we could just change it to, "At the same time, Rhizome, who would later become Hierophant of Layonara, finds evidence..." 

Sun Kingdom History vs Timeline:

From HistoryThis came to his advantage as at the age of 35 his ship was finally caught and the captain jailed awaiting execution on the gallows of what is now Vehl.

From Timeline-10 Captain Edmund Lan Du'Morey escapes or is let go from a Hempstead prison. 

I believe both used to say the latter and the first was changed but not the second. First makes most sense, also, as Hempstead is post-cata and the first specifies "what is now Vehl". Should just change to "Captain Edmund Lan Du'Morey escapes or is let go from a prison in what is now Vehl." 

PS I could help with these kinds of things myself if you give me a red pen, but there's no telling what else I will go on an edit spree with *shifty* :P 

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