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Author Topic: Spellbook feature does not take into account domain spells after casting/rest  (Read 637 times)

Lord of the Forest

Description:I was introduced to the new saving/restoring spellbook feature. It is a great way to manage spells for different locations and/or group sizes. Switching to a saved spellbook works just fine. The spells I saved are all restored. The spells work just fine after the first rest.However, the problem is that after casting the affected spell and then resting again, some spells do not get restored. Checking the spellbook, the spells are shown as available, alas, if I try casting them using either the radial menu or by hotkeys, they are labelled as zero spells available (see screenshots attached).I think this has something to do with spells granted by the chosen clerical domains. My cleric, Valaria, has the domains good and animal. The spells that did not work for her (after switching a spellbook and resting after being cast) are:lvl 2 - Cat's Grace
lvl 3 - True Seeing
lvl 4 - Stone SkinI did not test lesser planar binding or polymorph self, but I think those will be affected as well.The other spells, not granted by her domains, were not affected by this bug.As a workaround I have to remove the domain spells after restoring a spellbook. Manually added to the spellbook, these do not seem to be bugged.Location:This will probably happen server wide. I only tested it in the Forest of FogsVerified: Reproducable:This occured on several occasions, so I'd say, yes. If more input is needed on how to reproduce the bug, feel free asking me.
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This should be corrected now by the way. You may have to rebind those domain spells to keys again. (Clear hot key then add it again)
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