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Author Topic: Thunderpeaks, Paragon Ice Fiend (Model Size?)  (Read 76 times)


Thunderpeaks, Paragon Ice Fiend (Model Size?)
« on: March 26, 2017, 12:06:09 pm »

Description: In the Frozen Ruins Cavern in the Thunderpeaks, there is a giant paragon ice thingie that at first seems pretty scary, but then doesn't appear to do anything but follow you around. I thought it was an AI issue at first, but I bounced off its aura from a couple different directions and think it might just not be able to reach. Acacea batted it around a bit with her torch, then decided they were friends and told it about various adventures in hot places it will never visit. I experimented and found it able to fight back when she was on the ramp to the platform in the center of the cavern, where their friendship met an untimely end. 

Location: Thunderpeaks, Frozen Ruins Cavern


Reproducable: No



Tried this again with
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Tried this again with variously sized NPCs and can't reproduce.