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It seems the usual issue that characters with the same name in game (or similar) has been transfered to the character database in the forums.  I have no issues logging into the game and chosing the new character as intended when I enter the game, but when I try to look her up in the forums, the link leads to the level 20 character.

Hello LFFF,I have confirmed your bug but we are unable to fix it at this time. It's a forums issue that will need to be passed to Orth when he has time to dig into it. However, could you edit your original post with links to the character to expedite his searching when he gets time?Thank you,~row

Chuckles_McChuck: is the link to the level 20 character information...Unfortuantely the search database is the same link for everyone, which is "", but if you fill out "Lia Di'Makiir" in the character box, select elf, and then type "wizard" in the first class box.  The currently played version of the character is easy to find.I mostly want to access it because its the only way to look at my bio if later down the road I want to apply some changes, as well as other nifty features (under my account profile, with my CD key, even if I only chose chuckles_mcchuck as my username, the Old Lia portrait and information shows up under my information instead of the new). A tad pre-mature at the moment, but I was thinking of offering my services for scripting a few months down the road if the team needed such additions (as well as how much of my personal time can actually be spent on it).  Its basically my new job in the real world and working at something like this as a hobby can help keep knowledge fresh.


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