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Author Topic: Character Generation Wizard: Enhancement Request  (Read 301 times)


Character Generation Wizard: Enhancement Request
« on: March 30, 2007, 01:12:15 pm »
To head off some of the more common requests I need to make for additional information, I'd like to request the following additions to the wizard:

1. Add an entry field (free text) to the form for additional language ears requested; something along the lines of:[INDENT]Additional Language Ears Requested (optional)
Please list any additional language(s) the character will start the game knowing, if any. Requests for additional language ears need to be thoroughly explained in the character biography, below.
[/INDENT]2. Also, I'd like to suggest the following addition (feel free to rework the specific text) to the "bio" instructions:[INDENT]Now please write your character's biography.
Now you are ready to tell us all about this character. If you want a guideline for what makes a good biography, take a look at some of the submissions that already exist in the Character Approvals forum. Remember to be original and have fun, this is the first step to shaping your new role and identity in our world. Take your time and truly consider who your character will be in Layonara. Multiclass characters should indicate what their expected level split at character level 20 would be (e.g., Fighter 8/Bard 12). If you are applying for a character that will be a Cleric or a Paladin, please see [lore]Cleric Paladin and Champion Submissions[/lore] and provide the required information in three separate numbered paragraphs at the end of your biography.