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Author Topic: Not really a bug, but more of a suggestion  (Read 264 times)


Not really a bug, but more of a suggestion
« on: March 06, 2008, 10:47:56 am »
I would suggest that two of the forums should be cleaned up, so that doing a few things would become easier for new players. The two forums in question are the CDQ/WLDQ forum and the general info on deities forum.

The CDQ forum should have the DMs who are no longer running CDQs/WLDQs removed so that it is easier for people to see exactly who is avalible for running these quests. While I know which ones are and aren't doing this a new player and maybe even some of the older, might have a few problems with seeing through this and it would help selecting a GM for your CDQ greatly if you don't know who can run it.

The general dities info forum should have all the request forum acces threads removed, and instead get a sticky with an easy explanation as to how you request memebership of your diety forum to avoid the confusion that can occour when people see that players used to request access to various diety forums in a forum post, which isn't the way things are handled now.

I hope that these ideas seem reasonable and can be brought into realisation to make some processes a bit easier for the players. :) Please feel free to comment on these two ideas
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