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Crashing in blackdog moors near temple

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Player name Sibbicaibioware login MarainnaCrashed in blackdog moors just before going into the temple, then got back on. cleared the temple and came out and repeatedly crashed.I believe Slag Bellows was having issues here as well. He crashed as well when i did and I saw him join and leave a few times. Hopefully he can post reply  if he sees this.I dont want to get back without a DM help on as I was immediately attacked on leaving the temple were I last crashed. Not sure if this was a spawn area or Slag brought them to the entrance to temple.

As per my initial thread I managed to log in as Slag about 30 minutes later and left the Moors. I blame the Lizard folk. They feared our wrath.

Seem to recall there were issues with similar tile set before. Perhaps someone else will be more explicit. But recall needed gm to pull you out as you logged in or some aspect of video settings for game could be adjusted. I note from another forum entry someone turning off 'shiny water' setting seemed to help them in a similar situation.   

Ill try to turn down my video settings I have them on highest. thanks

Ok after I crashed again i went single player turned down my graphics all the way and was able to get out.


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