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i need to know the server name and number for Layo on the NWN multiplayer thingy


hi i am back again but i am not sure what to do i have downloaded the stuff layo haks and all that but i try and create a name but it keeps telling me "Couldn't connect to server, some multi-player functions may not work" am i getting this because it didnt take my character name or? i am confused i need help but not sure where (ok besides a Psychiatrist) to get the help i need to get on again. I got Acacea's reply to my post but i am sure i cannot get my old character back so i want to, well HAVE to start again. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me. I am a Disabled Veteran and i have Traumatic Brain injuries so i need someone to take a little time and really help me? I try but my brain doesn't get some things and i am not a big computer guy. I was Rainstorff on the original table game with Leanthar but he lives too far awawy from me now to get help from he is a busy guy. so please can someone help me get back on Layonara? Thank you for reading this 

You get that message because that part of NWN doesn't work properly any more.  Just press OK, and then Join Multiplayer Game.  Next you'll get Connection Failed Try Another Nick.  Hit Cancel.  With luck, you'll find Layonara under the History section.  If not, then you need to know the address, which is  The last thing you need is the password.  It hasn't changed.You can't go in game until you have an approved character, so you need to get through that process first.  You'll get the password with your first character approval, if you don't remember it.Good luck!  I'm looking forward to seeing you in game.Sala/Ferrit/Lana/Katelyn/FernPS - did you look in the character database for your old character?  You might be able to get his history approved for a new character.

I don't remember the password and I don't remember where on here to make a new one.

Hi Rainstorff,I have a little experience working with individuals with TBI, but I know that the complications vary widely from person to person. If you have some specific information needs we can try to work with you as best as possible. I understand if you don't want to splat that all over the public forums, so my PM box would be fine as well. Let me/us know how to best relay information to you and I'll try to re-explain what Serissa was describing for you and answer the additional questions.To answer your immediate concern though, there's no password changing necessary. Serissa meant that the player password hasn't changed in all these years and you can find it on any of the approved characters. We don't repost the password on the open sections of the forums to keep people from creating illegal characters and causing general havoc.~row

You initial observation about not connecting to the server sounds like the standard message everyone receives these days when NWN is starting.  The NWN servers (for authentication) haven't been online for years now.  If you wait for the time out then you can select direct connection and use the internet address Serissa provided to connect to Layo. 


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