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Lore site vs. Forum site password

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Good morning.  I registered yesterday and received my Lore account creation email immediately.  My issue comes in when I attempt to use that username/password combination to log on the forums.  I attempted to register for the forums, but it tells me the username/email address is already taken.  I am at a bit of a loss.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Derek, ne Laldiien

Well, LORE and the forums are completely different sites and do not share username/passwords at this time.

If someone has taken your desired username for the forums you'll have to pick another one instead. As you can tell, the person who has your desired forum name did not register the name with LORE and so now both of you have one and the other in terms of accounts.


I've sent an email with a new temporary password for your account.

Please change that password as soon as possible.

Resolved.  Thank you very much.  I sincerely appreciate it.


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