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When I log in as my account(Olme) the site takes it, but then switches the name back to this account (user name (Ne'er) . I have logged out, cleared cookies, cleared defaults, cleard browser .all to no avail..i always get switched to this account name, (which is my son's ,who shares this computer.)when i go to the forums

I want to make some posts as Olme but apparently can't for now ..

Xandor Loriland:
Try clicking  the word  Logoff in parentheses next to the username above where it says Welcome ....  Then click Logon and Logon as Olme.  Also teach your son to hit Logoff when he is done and it will come up generic the next time you go to the site.  My kids use the same computer as me too and we have to logoff when we are done or we end up posting as each other.

Talan Va'lash:
If you have continued problems, scroll down to the very bottom of the forums and click the "delete all cookies set by this site" link.

Get a web browser that uspports multiple users, and set the OS up for multiple users.


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