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Topics blocked in 'Rumor Has It'


Haven't run across this before, but there are a few recent topics in Rumor Has it that are blocked from my viewing.  Any idea why?  Is everyone blocked?

These are 'unpublished' posts, the same as way you might now make a 'private' CDT; non-admins can see unpublished threads in the forum and their titles, but not access their contents. Once the author chooses to publish them, the threads will be accessible. Anyone can make these types of threads (below the text box in Publishing Options you can see the "Published" is checked by default), like for private CDTs, but since they're not completely blocked off, the title and contents should not be so sensitive that you rely on this method to keep information secret.~Edit because I can English.

They won't be blocked as time goes on.  These are scheduled to be "published" some time in the future.  Stay tuned!And thanks for asking!


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