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Title: A Reminder about tells...
Post by: Dorganath on January 16, 2006, 06:42:50 am
Tells are a great tool for having OOC conversations while in-game. In fact we encourage that if you are going to have an OOC conversation in-game, please use tells.
  However, please also be reminded that tells can also be very disruptive to someone's RP time. A friendly greeting to a player you know or have RPed with is fine, as long as it's OK with the other player, however, there are a few things one should not be using tells to do. Among them:
  * Don't send "random" tells to players/characters who you/your character does not know for the purpose of selling items. (e.g. "Hey, do you want to buy an ExceptionalRing of Über-ness?")
  * Don't send "random" tells to players/characters who you/your character does not know for the purpose of buying items. (e.g. "Hey, can you make me an Exceptional Ring of Über-ness?"). An exception to this might be to coordinate a meeting between two people who have recently agreed to a business deal.
  In general, use some discretion and have some respect for the other players. We have a really slick system for sending IC messages in-game now through the LORE site. Make use of that. An IC request to buy/sell goods is going to be received a lot better than an OOC one through tells. Besides that, there's the Trade and Market Hall forum, which is where such types of things truly belong.
  Also...there used to be a posting on in-game disruptions to the Content, Project and GM Teams when they are playing their characters. I believe it has gotten deleted since it wasn't updated in a while, however. So as a reminder on that front...
  GMs and Team members are also players, and when they are playing their characters they are doing so for enjoyment and recreation. Unless there is a serious/urgent issue AND no GMs are online to assist at the time, please do not interrupt their play time with problems. They may be in the middle of a quest, or a battle or some other situation that would make it difficult or impossible to stop and help you even if they were willing to do so. Generally, we don't mind helping or answering questions, but before you start sending tells to GMs in-game as their characters, please consider the following things first:
  * Always try the DM channel first. Try a few times, because we see a lot of spam in that chat window, and we may not catch you the first time. Try to be patient. GMs are often busy when logged in.
  * If that fails, and it's something that can be handled on the forums (bug reports, etc.) or through PMs (exploits, reports of abuse, etc.), then please, please, please go that route.
  * Utilize IRC...we have an IRC (http://thread-view.asp?tid=14896&posts=22&start=1)server for Layonara. There are frequently several GMs online and able to answer questions, jump in and assist, etc.
  * If it is too urgent to wait (and I don't necessarily include being stuck on a ledge or behind a wall as being "too urgent") and all other methods have failed, and a GM is in-game as his/her character, then it's probably OK to contact that GM for assistance. Again, only as a last resort.
  One last note....Do not request CDQs from GMs logged in as players via tells.There is already a system on the forums for doing this. It's simply inconsiderate of the GMs who are playing their characters to be assaulted with such requests. Over the weekend there were several GMs on a particular quest as their characters and at least two of them received tells fromthe sameplayer making this kind of request. The proper place for those requests are in the Character Development Quests (http://forum-view.asp?fid=113)forum.
  Thank you for your understanding.
Title: Re: A Reminder about tells...
Post by: Leanthar on January 16, 2006, 06:59:01 am
Thank you for this post Dorganath!