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Chuckles Online
« on: October 20, 2016, 11:27:16 am »
Hey,Creating this thread as a place to post when I intend to be online for a relatively long period.  If anyone wishes to join me, we can enjoy some low level gameplay fun.I live in the PST timezone and am usually back from work at around 4:30pm.  Family obligations make long term play difficult, but not impossible (a couple dedicated days of the week).  This of course makes forum RP very ideal.Starting next month I will be on a course to help me move forward in my new career.  The timezone there is CST and I will also have a lot more free time with exception to school and studies.I will also be trying to make every Friday Night Round Robin (you can add me to the roster if you want Acacea, but I currently have no suggestions on what we can do).
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On the forum RP, one question
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2016, 12:06:27 pm »

On the forum RP, one question I had is about your post on the Dragon Retribution thread - were you trying to rustle up forum RP in general, or trying to get involved in the plot? If the former, I suggest posting somewhere like the Wild Surge or Leringard Arms/Silver Buckle forums, because you will have others like me who are hesitant to just hang out on a thread meant for plot stuff. If you were trying to get involved in said plot stuff, maybe start with what she's doing or asking particular questions around, wherever she is? Not a DM, just a suggestion, thinking you might get more responses that way.

Quote from: "LFFF"&nid="10164486"

I will also be trying to make every Friday Night Round Robin (you can add me to the roster if you want Acacea, but I currently have no suggestions on what we can do).

So, in concept this was simply to be anything at all that the person whose turn it was decided. The only point was that burden of "where to go" shifted every week, so one day Quenton might want assistance collecting malar skins, the next Acacea showing off some distant location's backstory, the next Charlie and Kat found a passage to the Deep, Q wants to know what these ruins are about, Acacea has a limerick contest, etc. In practice it's been kind of iffy because of schedule conflicts and all, or if someone can't make their own well have an "I'll bring my character to go where other people want" (which of course defeats the purpose of having people think of stuff to do :P ) or I forget it's my day until the day before, but I think it's been nice when it works out and I'd like to keep it going. Growing pains, and all.

You don't have to run a quest or a scavenger hunt or pseudo-DM, at all. Whatever your character needs to do, perhaps they need help doing it. You can do a meet-and-greet. You can ask for help completing a quest, or gathering CNR, or ask about people who can fill Lia in on the events of past decades. Combat-heavy or RP-only, the idea was if we could get enough people switching, it wouldn't matter if someone did an event in a style that wasn't your favorite, because it would be your turn next week. 

Let me know if you would be interested, because I was leaning towards shifting to just opening the Arms with Toby every Friday unless someone posted something else, because we've had some hiccups and scheduling chaos and all that. Even the server conspired against us ! hehe. I can post new dates for people and such. If there's a day you can't host, perhaps part-timers like Alatriel or Shiff could take your turn before another regular does.



It’s funny you mentioned that
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2016, 08:02:03 pm »

It’s funny you mentioned that first part as I was considering sending a PM to the DM’s with my intentions with that post.  I was starting to think it might have been too vague to help determine an appropriate response.  I purposely made it vague to avoid some form of meta-gaming to be honest.  I want to be involved in the plot, but the character has been out of the loop for a while, so shouldn’t know much of the current happenings and why they are happening (she is also nowhere near the locations).  I was mostly after a “She hears rumors that Lewich Castle is in lockdown. The whispers speak that it has something to do with this wasting death nonsense.”  Then she has something to go with and can ask further questions to improve her knowledge on the subject as well as chose a path to take (“What is this wasting death?”, etc.).  It could also lead to a destination; if all she hears is about the happenings in Bitterridge then she will likely only go there to investigate.

As for rustling up Forum RP… I have the intention to start her own spreading of the sinking of the ship so she can get more information about her pursuers with the help of more capable information gatherers.  This would obviously be in the other forums, such as Wild Surge Inn and is unfortunately long overdue.  This is really just a product of Intentions vs Acting on them (aka laziness, or too busy at the moment, I’ll go with too busy).  I also have another journal entry I really want to complete and post, but once again find myself in that Intentions vs. Acting on them conundrum.

The issue with me running one of these events is it’s hard to determine what the character needs to do right now.  I guess it would be easier if everyone is low level so she chooses an event for lower levels, but if someone very experienced shows up, she would rather that person take the lead.  I might actually have a couple of small idea’s…



LFFF wrote:The issue with me
« Reply #3 on: October 21, 2016, 04:07:36 pm »

Quote from: "LFFF"&cid="2761323"

The issue with me running one of these events is it’s hard to determine what the character needs to do right now.  I guess it would be easier if everyone is low level so she chooses an event for lower levels, but if someone very experienced shows up, she would rather that person take the lead.  I might actually have a couple of small idea’s…

No worries. Most of us have lower level characters we can trot out for whatever, or have slots to make more. Plus, the whole hosting thing is more about initiative than leadership, anyway. It's just meant to be dead-easy anything-at-all I just got home and I kinda feel like playing but I don't want to waste my last brain cells thinking of what to do tonight, please have activity already set. You could even post requests from one of some throwaway minor NPC and bring an unaffiliated character, whatever. Or request a guide to or through someplace you've never been, which would mean your character wouldn't exactly be leading into the fray.

Of course you can, and if you have a character suited for such things, like DB or Griff or Daniella, yours might be a call-to-arms mission where your character is absolutely the leader of this particular outing. Most of us (including players of those examples), though, also have characters that aren't so much in the foreground, or only seem to be, etc, and fall into sidekick roles even if they initiate something, or have alt-agendas that work behind the scenes. 

Also, as an aside on the ceding to more experienced characters... even though Lia is low-leveled, she does have experience, and more importantly, knowledge, that very few if any active characters today possess. Yeah, most characters can juggle her while baking a pie, but there are also kings and queens who wield immense, intangible power and influence over people who are individually far stronger, faster, smarter, or better at any given craft or skill...

I'm not suggesting you mouth off to Vrebel, because when it is right across from you, physical power and experience is very real, but it's not always a determining factor for how characters really see one another, especially outside their own skillset. To a level 20 fighter, a level 30 wizard that's not ostentatiously dressed might just seem an old man she could break over her knee... or to the paranoid, any old man could be a wizard of great power, hehe. A rogue might judge a cleric to be a competent assassin, but he's actually a fledgling martyr of Az'atta... etc. Hopefully that doesn't come across as me trying to tell you how to do your character, because it's more a "be free to do your character, even if they can't always back up the attitude!"

If you have preferences for your event, like low-leveled characters, or maybe open-level but preferably non-magic users would be best, or you would like highly skilled warriors to give your rookies tips, etc, just say so on the event and we can try for a day, hehe

Sorry. I words a lot.



Oh I know Lia herself has a
« Reply #4 on: October 21, 2016, 05:51:37 pm »

Oh I know Lia herself has a lot of experience.  I think I played on the server for about 6 years before deciding to leave and tried to have her be involved in almost every event at the time.  It also has been 10 years since I returned and I forgot a lot of things in that time.  It's no so much that she can't show her stuff, but more that I currently as a player am incapable of revealing what she should be capable of knowing.  Her current story helps justify her current power and knowledge as she has also been out of the loop for a long time, but I need to re-explore a lot of area's in game and in forum to re-familiarize myself with things that she should already know regardless.

An idea I had for Lia's turn in the round robin (and likely all her turns in the round robin), is she choses a route our adventuring group will travel and in every area we transition to, someone will tell a story about that area; either lore based, what creatures or materials can be found there, or a known adventure that took place in that area.



On a side note, I plan to be
« Reply #5 on: October 21, 2016, 07:40:30 pm »

On a side note, I plan to be online for awhile starting now.  Hopefully for Friday's Round Robin.



Hello, in case anyone was
« Reply #6 on: November 14, 2016, 10:07:14 pm »

Hello, in case anyone was wondering where I was, getting the internet set up in my current location was a lot longer than previously anticipated.

I'm now in EST time zone (think I said CST before, but I was wrong) and because I'm in barracks with a roommate from Sunday to Thursday evening I won’t be playing past 11pm (otherwise I’m being inconsiderate).

I’m here on a technician course and so my studies come first, but I believe I should have plenty of free time to get into game after course hours which should be around 3pm, but likely won’t jump in until after 5pm because while I’m here I will be working out every day after classes then supper.



So I arrive home after being
« Reply #7 on: April 17, 2017, 06:30:27 pm »

So I arrive home after being away visiting family over Easter and plug my laptop in only to have the AC Adapter blow right when I plug it in.  Soooo... might take a bit before logging in game in the near future.



Fixed!  Yay!!
« Reply #8 on: April 18, 2017, 07:23:26 pm »

Fixed!  Yay!!



FYI - I'm doing this from my
« Reply #9 on: May 15, 2017, 10:47:30 am »
FYI - I'm doing this from my phone which doesn't format well here.  I'm flying home today and plan to do some in game catch up for almost the entire week.  Starting tonight (as long as flights are not delayed) until Thursday evening I will be online from 7pm PST for an hour to two hours depending on activity.  I will mostly work on crafting/spell ingredient runs that I can solo, but if anyone wants to join me I really could use some copper ingots as well as the various gems that you can craft with copper for rings.  I also think I'm at the point where I can start making potions of speed and could start trying to get the ingredients for that (I would have to look in game to confirm that).  Any help and in game RP would be greatly appreciated, but I would like to balance out the risk:reward ratio so it would be nice if things remained more mid level appropriate if anyone wants to play their lower level characters.  In the end, if people are online adventuring, no matter their level, I will gladly join up during those periods.


Gah, I'm sorry I misssed
« Reply #10 on: May 19, 2017, 02:50:20 pm »

Gah, I'm sorry I misssed this. Hopefully I'll catch you sometime tonight or next week.



Hello, the rollercoaster of
« Reply #11 on: June 24, 2017, 09:46:32 am »

Hello, the rollercoaster of life has calmed down a bit now and I should be able to play a bit now.  I especially want to be active during this month, so hopefully expect me to be online for awhile.

A change of note is my timezone is now EST (+3 hours from where I used to be).

Looking forward to being back for a bit.