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If you have a custom portrait and wish other players to be able to see it please post your links in this thread.

The current combined portrait pack can be downloaded here:

Here's the portait files of The Heretic (if you want to see what my GM character looks like).
    You'll need to unrar all the files and save them in your portrait directory of your NWN folder.

Here's the link to the portrait I use for Zaraun of the House of Torlyl, my Dark Elf character. Download the file and unzip into your portrait directory of NWN.
    EDIT: removed the link, the files were renamed and do not show the portrait anymore.

Apparently the people at NWN vault decided to change the name of the files I use for Zaraun's portrait after I downloaded them, so most people still can't see Zaraun's dark elf portrait.
  I uploaded it to my webpage, here's the link, unrar and put in your portraits directory.

Eluril Forestwarden:
Here's the link to the character protrait for Zeth'il:


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