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Author Topic: Innocent Investigations - Rumblings of the Past - New Quest Date  (Read 292 times)


Tuesday May 13th at 9pm until 12amThis is the second to last installment of the series. There will not be a minimum attendance number.  Start point is Haven City. All new and returning players welcome.Haven and the surrounding Silkwood forest have been beset by earth tremor, flooding and a surge of monsters both living and dead.   The town's mining livelyhood is threatened.  Ogres and Gnolls run rampant.  Rumors are that the dead are walking in the forest.   Umber Hulks are being forced above ground and in numbers rarely ever seen before.   Spiders that normal keep to their underground dens are roaming the forest.   A small group of adventurers have stepped up to try and solve the puzzle but will they be successful?  Will it be enough?  Will it be in time?
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