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It has been a bit


So what do I have to do to make a come back? Are my old characters still available? I have no idea what my CD key was LOL and I am guessing I will need a new copy of NWN.

By the way, my main was Wren Thendor.

Great to see you back!  We miss Wren the giant killer barbarian!

If you make a test chaacter then Orth can move your old characters over.  Orth has been busy of late so I'm not sure how quick he will get to it.  You may not need your cd key.  Yes you will need a new copy of nwn ee.

If you can get on discord that is good because Orth and everyone else respond much quiker there.

Cant wait to see u IG!

Here's a link to discord:

I just copied that off my browser so may not work.  You'll need to setup an account and look for the layonara group.

Also, Layo has now increased the level cap to 45 so Wren might be able to squeeze in Dev Crit like he always wanted to.




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