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Level Limit List for Items

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I in fact made the wiki page I mentioned. I still have it on my disk. It has weapons, armors, instruments, rings, etc. It is missing some of the newer flavor items from drops. I had it on my personal LORE page for awhile.

The LORE team said I could leave it there, but they'd prefer that I not, and said that they would not be posting that information either. The final decision was that that was information to be found in game. To me, level requirements seem OOC, but it's not my call.

If someone official wants to post the information, I'd be happy to provide the wiki page as a start.

This is a list of jewelry items that can be crafted:

+1 Ability Amulet - lvl 5
+1 Ability Ring - lvl 6
+1 Ability Ring Exceptional (casts 3rd level spell 1x day) - 10

+2 Ability Amulet - lvl 11
+2 Abilty Ring - lvl 12
+2 Ability Ring Exceptional (casts 3rd level spell 2x day) - 14

+3 Ability Amulet - lvl 17
+3 Ability Ring - lvl 17
+3 Ability Ring Exceptional (casts 3rd level spell 3x day) - 19

Old post -- but hope that helps on the jewelry question.  Not posting anything regarding items/drops.

hmm the links don't seem to work here anymore.


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