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I have seen the level limit list for enchantments and enhancements on armor and weapons, very helpful.  But I'd like to know if there is a list somewhere for items such as jewelry.  I'll be looking at rings of (insert ability here) +2 soon and don't have a clue when I can equip them; same for amulets of any kind.  I've looked all over the forums, can someone point me toward what I undoubtably missed?


Jill (Honora)

It would be great if this kind of thing were on LORE. I ought to gather what I can and put together a wiki page, then someone can post it to LORE.

But in the mean time, what I usually do to answer the level limit question is rely on the albums of Kat's Creations and the Freelancers.

The Freelancer's
Kat's Creations

These stores have item descriptions for most items, and the Freelancers especially have gone to great lengths to add the level requirements.

For example, +2 Stat rings require level 12.

So check out these excellent albums, and be sure to thank them by sending your business their way.

Perfect, sir, exactly what I was looking for.  And I have done business with the Freelancers before *smiles and twirls her Bulls Ring*

The Raven Trading Company is working on adding level requirements for items to the pricing list. But this is a slow process since you have to use the pricing lense on each item that can be crafted.

Perhaps the links can be updated they don't seem to work anymore.


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