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Xandor Loriland:
I saw something in a thread for a character submission that sounded like there was an option to play a Lich PrC.  Is that something that is available?

Liches as a PrC? they're undead magic using kick booty evil guys...if they're a PrC, thats some SERIOUS overkill...


Xandor Loriland:

--- Quote ---Aragon - 11/30/2004  6:17 AM

If your planning on following the Dark Sun I would suggest either Palemaster or Champion of Corath or Lich.  But that is just my two cents.  The Cult of Corath is always looking for worthy members to aid in our fight.
--- End quote ---

This was from a while ago but it intrigued me.

D Blaze:
I think a Lich is bad enough as an enemy, seeing as how i just met one.....among other things....
If your character finds some way to RP turning into a Lich, that's grounds for auto-NPCing, cuz all they care about is themselves and power (Chaotic Evil).
You can have a Cleric Necromancer, Wizard Necro-Specialist, and the Palemaster PrC, that should be enough.


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