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Party chat: What it is, and what it is not

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I remember I was with a group that got stopped by a GM and told to shape up. He told us what we did that was wrong and to not do it again. Alot of it was new to me or I did not realise that it was wrong. I have tried my best to behave from then on. I think the best way to curb these bad habits is to have other characters tell their party members to not do it. I have had others tell me this and I appreciate it. The last thing I want is to be told be a GM again. GM time is best used for quests!


Only one comment to that: SMITEEEEE!!!

Ah that's not too bad Row...

Try the good old times when everyone wrote language stuff as /dm [Hey hey I'm an elf] on the DM channel. That combined with the OOC party chatter drove more than a few poor GMs insane.

Also you couldn't just jump there to tell them to shut up and speak in Common... because well it's RP and all.

GMW is not Greater Magic Weapon! Its hard to try to take these OOC spouts and turn them into something in character. I believe firmly that its not only up to the GMs but other players to moniter this as well maybe with a friendly respectful tell to the player or players involved. If they don't listen; then you have no choice but to take it to a GM sadly. But Yes, I couldn't agree more.

I would have to disagree on what party is and not. I personaly do  not like to see it at all. If I would see anything its OOC ( i just dont use it). Its not IC to have your guy talking to your budy beside you adn others not magicaly here you. Sure it may be a way to distrub others when you doing a quest or something.. but maybe the others want to be dstirubed and have been wandering around that aimlelsly in circles forever with nothing to do and he cant at least pick up on you and your buddie's telepathy. On a hardcore RP server I played on, party chat was just simply completel forbidden. I infact will sometimes outright just block party chat from appearing. (I will then agian mention that on teh server i was playing on.. the DMs could literally see everything including text messages in tells between players, that may have a factor). What really saddens me is you say its a way for Dms to keep track fo conversations in quests.. does that mean if one RPs in non party chat realyl well cause he is against it, it wont be as noticable because everyone has a 'look at me' flag? When said person thinks its bad RP.


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