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Zark the confused:
I haven't played on the server in a while and I have a few problems. I know that the server moved to EE, but I remember we had to download a bunch of customer content. I don't remember what that was and I can't find the guide on the website. I also forgot the password to the server.

So for the new EE version, all you have to do is connect to the server and it should automatically download everything you need.

As for the password, you can look at your old approved characters and you should find the password.

Though if you are able to log in you might not be able to access your characters because the characters are linked to your old cdkey. If possible to find your old cdkey then replace the new cdkey with the old cdkey in your nwn.ini file (I think that's what it's called). If not then you might have to wait until one of the admins connect your old characters to your new cd key

Hope that helps!

Zark the confused:
Where do I find the ini file?
NVM I found it

Apologies, it should be the nwncdkey.ini. I found it under my doctuments > neverwinter nights folder

Zark the confused:
Okay so the one I found wasn't it, however, the one you mentioned still has my diamond codes. Am I supposed to replace those codes with the EE code?


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