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Rhizome/Anansi's Unsettled Schedule

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Hello all,
  There are a few things coming up for me which are going to make my involvement with Layonara sporadic at best.  My wife is due to deliver our second son at the end of May.  That's obviously a huge event that will demand much of my attention.  We are also moving into our first home right around the same time.  I know, poor timing there.  So I'll be packing and moving and then unpacking for a while.  On top of that, I'm reaching the end of the Spring semester, which means cramming too much material into too little time, writing and administering the final, and then grading insane amounts of student work.
  So, I hope you'll understand that my schedule will be somewhat chaotic and unpredictable.  I'll be postponing some of my quest series, depending on whether or not we can get through them before the chaos truly strikes.  Some events I'll leave on the calendar, hoping to make them. However, things may arise which force me to cancel or postpone.  I'll always try to make a notification ahead of time, but that might not be possible in some circumstances.
  Thanks for your understanding.  Be well.

Congratulations and good luck. We will be waiting for thee return.

RL and family is first.

*gazes into his crystal ball*
  Me thinks you be getting very little sleep... hmm... yes yes...
  Congrats man! Enjoy em while they're little... and without teeth... :o

Due to unforseen and unpredictable events related to the above situations, I've been without internet access for the last week and a half.  I packed up my office to move to our new home and realized after we got there that it was going to take the new dsl company that long to install the service.  So, I've been absent, and hating it.  I appologize greatly for anyone who was relying upon my presence in the recent past.  I also appologize profusely for those of you who tried to attend the Dregar series last night.
  Thank you very much for your understanding.  I should be up and running here in no time.  Look forward to interacting with you all again very soon.
  Much respect,


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