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Author Topic: Seasonal Reminder: Inventory Lag  (Read 59 times)


Seasonal Reminder: Inventory Lag
« on: March 30, 2008, 10:16:12 pm »
Hey folks, many of you have been causing impressive lag when you log into the server.  Upon looking in some folk's inventories, the 300 boxes filled to the brim is not a good idea.
 Let's do some personal house cleaning for the betterment of the server.
 I'm going to begin pulling folks aside that are above and beyond on the jam-packed inventories pretty soon, and I'll encourage the rest of the GM staff to do so as well to try and help with server lag.  We have exceptional servers that Leanthar and company have established for this world.  They are far and away beyond what most gameworlds will offer and we ought to all do our part in helping their performance.
 Just because that aloe leaf is there waiting to be plucked... or that 7th iron shortsword is sitting on the dead creature - it doesn't mean you *have* to pick it up and store it away for eight months before realizing that you've outgrown it.  Or realizing that you are perpetuating your own problems in an economy where you won't ever be able to sell it due to supersaturation.
 Thanks folks.
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