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Okay.  Now I know many of you may think me a goober for saying this and, I am, I guess, but if I can overcome a small language handicap and spell words correctly most of the time then I imagine everyone else can, too.  I am an English teacher in Japan.  That means I actually wince anytime I see words spelled incorrectly or glaring bad grammar used.  I recognize in character dialogue as such and know when it's being done deliberately and when it isn't.  Learning to spell everything correctly is a must if you wish to fully grasp the language in which you communicate in.  If you have even the slightest doubt about a word you're using, check it, learn it and get it right forever more.
Yes, I get lazy, too, and lapse, but I've had to train myself to reread everything I write due to that little language problem I have (which is why most of my posts are edited.)  Gamers, as a whole, are some of the smartest and, obviously, most creative people I have ever known.  Unfortunately, as a whole, gamers tend to be lazy about many things that don't have much or anything directly to do with games, including their English usage.  Well, good English means good story telling and that means good rping.  -sheesh-  I DO sound like a teacher now, don't I?  *shaking head* I'm getting too old and cranky...  
OH... to you kids still in JHS or HS (young adults, sorry) this is not a request for you but a demand.  Learn the right way, now, and you'll thank yourself later, particularly in college when you most certainly WILL HAVE more than one English professor brow beat you with a dictionary and/or grammar book.  Or they'll just give you an "F" if they don't care because you don't care either.
ps  You can probably find the correct spelling of most words just by doing a websearch.  Incorrect spellings usually trigger the "Did you mean...?" message with the correct spelling.

Asking 1500 members of differents ages, educations and places can't be expected to spell everything properly. It's way too much to ask everyone to reread something and make sure it's proper. This is a GAME, not an english class. You can't expect everyone to spell everything correctly.

Talan Va'lash:
I agree with both of you about this.  I dont mind IG when people spell things wrong, as timing is more important than spelling, and I've never run into a problem where I could not understand at all what was being said.  most people will correct spelling errors that change meaning by following with "*spelling correction."  

     But, on the forums I've seen posts that I absolutely could not figure out what was being said.  And on the forums there isnt the "limited time" factor.  You can read over your post and fix it, at least so its readable without having to spend twenty minutes deciphering it.  This is also a good idea if you want your post to be read by others.

Oh, beans.  I was speaking about the forum, not in game.  I would actually make the suggestion to people in game to NOT worry one bit about whether or not they spelled something wrong.  We all make mistakes and you don't need to back track and correct something mistyped.  If you don't know the spelling and spell it wrong then I think we're all intelligent enough to deduce what you meant.  Sorry for the misunderstanding.
As to it being just a GAME, well, I think you're wrong.  Funnily enough, my justification to my father, when I was a young lad of nine, for playing D&D was that I was learning things.  I remember poring over the Deities and Demigods book and having my interest for ancient European history stoked so high...  Well, my second BA was in (European) history, so that interest carried me pretty far.  You ask some wargamers if what they do is just a game and they'll probably figure out the odds of knocking you out with one hit, the angle of the swing, the power of the blow and the chances that they'll break their dice rolling hand before they answer you with a resounding, "No, it isn't just a game."  Some of the math those guys learn just to play a game is astonishingly difficult.  English (or whatever language you play in) is the "math" of roleplaying.  Good English (or bad English done well) is very important to me... particularly for me since I stink at math. ;)

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