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« on: September 12, 2017, 08:43:56 am »
Hey everyone,Just a few questions about the mechanics of a spellsword, if anybody knows. They look like an interesting class, but some of their abilities are confusing to me...When it says they gain a caster level for every other level of spellsword, it states that they gain benefits of increased spell duration, as well as "improved spellcasting". This might be self-explanatory, but does improved spellcasting mean they can gain circles of spells (I.E. a level 5 wizard / 10 spellsword would be able to cast 4th circle spells?)Thanks,Teo


Hi Teo, Yes, it does mean
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Hi Teo,


Yes, it does mean that. He'd actually be able to cast 5th level Spells... maybe more.

However, upon leveling... you do not get to choose any spells.

So if your entering a new circle of spells... ie 4th Level Spells... you will not learn any new spells. You can only use spells you have discovered/learned along the way.

The Improved SpellCasting also means.. for example... it will class the SpellSword level as an additional Wizard level.

So a Level 5 Wizard/ Level 1 SpellSword will be casting as a Level 6 Wizard. This effects the likes of most damage spells ( Fireball ..etc ) and Stoneskin/ Greater Magic Weapon... etc...etc