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Swearing/Cussing -- Whatever you may want to call it

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There is no swearing/cussing etc. on these forums and in this community. It shows a lack of intelligence and respect.  So... Please do not use that language.  Thank you.

In total agreement with you Leanthar. I know sometimes it can be lonely in the top spot having to make calls like this and having someone telling you how wrong you are with the decision. I just think you should know how right I think you are with this one.
  Your adherence to mutual respect and courtesies is the primary reason I treasure Layonara.

I agree.  I find it refreshing that there's a place on the internet where you can play without being overcome by overzealous players, bots, swearing, pornography, etc.  If I had kids I would actually allow them to play on this server.

Well done!

Seth Cy'nada:
Sorry, I'm new here, but it seems to me that No Swearing at all is a bit extreme, unless you mean in the OOC areas. Because ICly, if a character would react in such a way as to swear at an enemy, then they will, and there isn't allot you can do to stop it without interfearing with the person's character. Even paladins curse... Even Drizzt Do'Urden curses.

You are allowed to curse e.g. "those cursed buggers", "By all the gods" and so on. It is related to the f-word and similar expressions...


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