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Author Topic: Tips & Tricks for Neverwinter Nights 1  (Read 441 times)


Tips & Tricks for Neverwinter Nights 1
« on: March 29, 2017, 11:21:38 am »
Hey all, I have been pondering for a while now to make this post, and here it finally is.1. Stuttering mouse, sluggish game altogether.Solution: Go to options -> video options -> advanced video options.This makes NWN's own display settings take preference from your NVidia / ATI drivers, and voila, your mouse moves like in any other game now and the slugginess should be gone as well. I myself have this problem everytime I start the game or alt-tab back into the game after doing something else.2. Crash on alt-tabbing back to the gameSolution: This crash seems to be caused by something related to the mouse cursor. So, as simple as it is, do not move your mouse at all when alt-tabbing back into the game. Never had a crash after I realized this. One way to be sure (with optical mouse), is to lift the mouse from the mousepad / surface into the air, thus causing the cursor to not move when alt-tabbing.3. Greater Sanctuary fails to hide the playerThe spell Greater Sanctuary has a bug in it that seems to be related to invisibility spell.Apparently the AI checks first if your invisibility is up, and if you have both greater sanctuary and invisibility up at the same time, the AI does not comprehend this due to erroneous coding. The invisibility checks just fine, but if a True Seeing effect is upon the monster and and the game detects both invisibility and gsanc on your character, the attacking AI starts and the monster sees you, thus giving you hard time.Solution: Do not use invisibility at the same time as greater sanctuary, furthermore, highlight your character on the screen with your mouse by hovering the cursor on your character (not the portrait, but your toon) each time you enter a new area. You'll notice that your character is purple in colouring after entering a new area, but the purple glow around him does not appear unless you mouse-over your toon.After I started doing these both, I have not had any attacks while gsanced. Sometimes a creature with True Seeing turns at you, but the attack AI does not kick in due to you not having invisibility up at the same time.
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To avoid knocking down your
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2017, 02:29:38 am »

To avoid knocking down your friends instead of your opponents

Try right clicking your intended target.  Once you have the correct target (their portrait will show up) select knockdown from the drop down radial bar.  It's an extra step but once you get used to it its not bad.  This could probably work with other advanced attacks which require a mouse attack.



Automatic Attack of
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Automatic Attack of Opportunity combat effect dispelling your invisibility/greater sanctuary

Tired of accidentally hitting a badguy with an attack of opportunity while you're trying to run around invisible/g-sanced? First, use WASD on the keyboard to move around instead of a mouse click, and second, pull out a ranged weapon. You can't make attacks of opportunity with a ranged weapon, so as long as you don't actually mouse click a hostile, you'll never accidentally un-invis/un-g-sanc yourself.