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Towers of Dregar: Xora's Vial nominated for 2007 Module of the Year!

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down by 8 votes
if your playing dont forget to vote after your done

still down by 8 votes folks
but now we have slipped to third place

the mod teams work is much better then a silver award so lets get off our butts and finish playing so we can vote vote vote

they say we have shot our bolt and wont get any more votes

lets prove them wrong

This was one of those mods that gives you the thoughts "Why wasn't this on the original campaign?" and the classic "I never knew NWN could be so cool"
 Thanks to everyone involved in the process of creation of this masterpiece.
 It was so good to see the amount of information you find about layonara with books and NPCs, and as a regular player this was major to me, I learned so much. Corax Lake = WOW!
Great stories. I played and voted, and I can only hope to download another mod that will be near as good as this one was for me..
Sorry for my little "review", kinda off-topic maybe?
Thanks again.


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