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Towers of Dregar: Xora's Vial nominated for 2007 Module of the Year!

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Lalaith Va'lash:
Voting for this has moved to start on March 3rd:

Neverwinter News, Trailers, Screenshots, Previews, Reviews, Guides -- Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault

Please don't forget to vote when the polls open!

Hi folks,
 Today is the day to go vote for this module. It would be a HUGE benefit to the community if we are able to pull off first place. It will bring a flood of players in and most of them would likely be RP'ers. Please take a few minutes to vote for this excellent module.
 Thank you.


It doesn't look like voting has started yet, as you can only rate on the standard module ratings, not a separate poll/system.
And it wouldn't make sense if they continue with the ratings that got us nominated, it'd have to start from scratch.

if we get everyone to vote on the poll or not then we will get hall of fame status which will help too

we have the required downloads but we need more votes people to qualify for mod of the year and hall of fame


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