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Towers of Dregar: Xora's Vial nominated for 2007 Module of the Year!

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Hello Everybody,
 I am very happy to announce that the module created by the Single Player Module Team (Towers of Dregar: Xora's Vial) is up for nomination for Module of the Year (for 2007) at NwVault. The team worked many long and hard hours on the project and their efforts have been very much rewarded in both the score and the number of downloads the module has received as well as it now being nominated for Module of the Year for 2007.
 Voting begins on March 1st so please vote on the module. This would help to further enhance and grow the Layonara community if we were to receive the award. It would also help even if we get many votes and do not win (but we will win if everybody votes!! *smiles*). This is a golden opportunity to download the module, play it, and then vote for it. It could bring us many more quality members to the community and they would tend to be RP type members due to the module itself being heavy on RP.
 Get out there and vote, we need every vote we can get!
 This is the direct link to the module:
Towers of Dregar: Xora's Vial -- Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault
 This is the direct link to the annoucement of the vote:
VN Boards - 2007 NWN Module of the YEar
 I want to say thank you once again to the team that created this excellent module, good job folks.

This is fantastic news and I'd also like to thank everyone that put such big effort into it. It's a good module and definitely has my vote.

*sighs* if only I could figure out who was the murderer.

Congrats team.

outscooped by an hour

vote is waiting as soon as the polls open

Been playing it since last week - incredible writing, engaging plots, but I'm stuck on two :).  I'll post that in the proper forum though!

Overall, so far, great work guys!


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