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Request for a bunch of people to be added to Crimson Company forum



Please add these folks to the Crimson Company forum:

Warrioroftheblade (Mica)
Scifibarbie (Brunhilde)
Hellblazer (Egil)
Ke'koa (Bruce the Bard)
Gilshem (Gilshem)
and whoever is playing Iron Oxide. (I'll update this post when I learn who that is).

Thank you!

Request for Chazzler to be added to the Crimson Company guild forum (character Markyl).
And did Scifibarbie (Brunhilde) get added?
Or Hellblazer (Egil)
Ke'koa (Bruce the Bard)
Gilshem (Gilshem)
(from my previous post in this thread)


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