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So, your character is about to go Epic or has already made it through his/her Epic Character Development Quest to get his lvl 21.

  What does that mean? It means that you accomplished a heroic act. An act worth of remembrance. An act worthy of an Epic.

  What is an Epic? A long narrative or poem telling of a hero’s deeds  We are going to give you a chance to leave your mark on the world, but you’ll have to do something yourself as well.   Once you have successfully completed your ECDQ you can now choose to have a statue of your character in the in-game Hall of Heroes. The description of that statue will be the story of your ECDQ.  If you want this to happen for your character, you can ask for the quest write-up that the GM makes for every ECDQ. Then you can shape it into a poem or story.   This quest write-up will not be something very detailed, more like bullet points that list what happened. Using this list, you can shape the poem/story, and once you’ve done that, you send it to EdTheKet. Ed will then review and help with some revisions/edits.

  Once he’s done with it and you’re fine with the text as well, the statue with the epic story as description will be placed in the Hall for everyone to see. The epic story will also be put into a book and this book will drop as loot from monsters in-game so people can learn of your characters deeds from that as well.

   An example of an Epic poem can be found here.

Trace Nightwind:
Where is this hall of heroes?

Check the forum Trace. It's a forum section with Epic character's stories, ledgends of PCs, and Perma Dead characters.


--- Quote ---the in-game Hall of Heroes
--- End quote ---

Hall of Heros is not in place yet.  I want to make sure that players (those that go epic) actually take the time to do this.  If not then that place will be empty, if so then great it will definetly be added as I think it is important.  But it requires help from the epic/heroic players.


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