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Rurik Kessel

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Rurik left his forest home to seek adventure and what he got was much more.
      His first years on his to road to adventure were far less then that, spending most of his time looking for work and tracking game across Mistone to further his crafting so that he could afford the luxuries that one needs to adventure. Soon he became a well respected tailor and bowmaker and was sought out by a dwarf name Gloin and a human fighter Alex, who spoke to Rurik about forming a crafters guild to make a better quality and quantity of products to the masses. He agreed to this as Gloin explain that this guild would take him on gran adventures to far away places and fight monster that Rurik wouldn't believe. Soon the three friends started out traveling and working the raw products the gathered from around the Layonara into sellable items. The grandest adventures they had and the fun they had doing it. "These are teh days" thought Rurik and he never wanted them to end, but nothing that good ever last. Soon Alex and Gloin grew distant and there only connection that held the group together was Rurik and it hurt knowing that the best of friends couldn't be like they once were. 1 year later Alex left saying he was going to try to find himself. After that day Rurik aswell left the Orcbashers promising himslef that he would never craft again to make items for the gain of money but for only to meet his needs on his travels.
    During his travels he made many friends, Ahndar cleric of Lucinda, Vin Onyxblade, Plenarius Bird lord and cleric of Katia, Xiao Lin, Tathnolu, Seteece, Pathfinder, Sago Spellfinder, Celgar cleric of Lucinda (and golem fanatic), Triba, Rhizome high Druid of Dregar, Synal'dur paladin of Toran and many others took up the call to fight the forces of Bloodstone and to end his reign of terror and fear on Layonara. Together they fought and soon had put up a great resistance to Blood. In time they learnd where two Blood pools were which gave Bloodstone his power and they sought them out and destroyed them weakning Blood. After which they rasied the lost library and brought it back to rest on the elven Island of Voltrex. Then they sought out to gain an Alliance from the remaining dragons of Layonara which was a very difficult challenge to undergo but soon they were able to bring them together and have a new ally in the upcoming battle.
    Soon Rurik grew weak from the war. The Soul Mother had come and taken too much of his soul and last night during his quest to bring the inhabitants of the Dragon Isles together to fight off Bloods army that had taken control of the land, he fell for the final time trying to help the wemics remove a oupost of Bloods forces.  But, he died knowing that they had succeded the battle and knowing that his friends lived. So as the Soul Mother came Rurik died with a smile on his face.
    Has Rurik Kessel left his mark on the world? Let the gods decide that. Has he left his mark on his friends? In the end isn't that the most important question?
  Fa sa wailanir em sa irelem. By my death or my honor.
  Ylanec aniraalw eo Fcee. Until the end of Blood.

We are going to miss Rurik.  Thank you for taking the time to write down a short history on your character.  He will be placed in Willows Weep.


--- Quote ---Tobias - 12/2/2005 1:56 AM   Fa sa wailanir em sa irelem. By my death or my honor. Ylanec aniraalw eo Fcee. Until the end of Blood.
--- End quote ---

  Indeed, I am going to miss Rurik.
  A friend of Jacchri he was and his company was always enjoyed. A mark he has left on me for always. I met Rurik when I joined the Orc Bashers and heard him speak the oath above for the first time. He has lived that oath and I will try my best to continue living that oath as I promised the day I joined the Bashers.
  I will never forget him always wanting to play with the giants near Pranzis, no matter that they were twice his size. A small man with a big heart, that showed me Dregar with Gloin in the days when these lands were unknown to me.
  May his soul find peace with the thought that he has left his mark on this friend for sure.

Harlas Ravelkione:
Kobal will surely miss Rurik Kessel. The occasions they travelled together were few, but memorable.

Shadows linger and sway in the cold crypt of hero's, a small figure comes out of the dark dressed all in black. Pulling back the hood it is Willow Cloverleaf she is holding a single red rose. Walking slowly to where Rurik is, she wonders... is he really gone?

Placing the rose upon the grave marker she begins to cry. "It is not fair. I have lost another that I would hold dear."

Pulling her hood up again to hide the tears from herself, she then whispers to herself "I never got to tell you, anything... Good-bye my friend."

Turning she leaves the cold dark place wondering if her memories of Rurik will always be with her or will the fade in time? She hoped that they will always stay with her, that is all she can wish for.


Rurik you will be missed. It is sad to see this come to pass.

Sakura (Willow)


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