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The Life and Times of a Pie Miester


Droog the Pie Miester is dead. Who (I hear you ask) was this man of manners? Born into the Clan of the cave Bear called Ursus he was raised in the Grey Peaks by his mother and father the way a barbarian should be raised; with lots of strong drink and raw meat and that, dear reader, would have been that had it not been for the Drow Raiding party that happened to stumble into the home (cave)of Droogs family one cold winter night.The Drow pleaded for shelter and after due deliberation amongst the family the drow party were given shelter.After much strong drink was taken they all settled down for the night.
    Droog awoke with his usual headache to an unusually quiet cave. He reached out of his sleeping roll for his water jug only to convulse in pain as if he had been shot with an arrow in his side. His hand flew to the wound and felt a sticky wet sponge that was oosing from a stab wound in his side. His eyes picked out the other members of his familly who all appeared to be sleeping soundly. The Drow were gone.He tried to get up and started to shout an alarm but he quickly fell to the ground racked with pain.None of his family stirred.
       Droog awoke much later in another cave. His wound dressed he saw in front of him an old man. This old Hermit had been hunting cougar and had followed one into droogs cave where he found Droogs family slaughtered. He saved Droogs life and brought him to his abode using his horse to drag Droog on a pallett.He stayed withe the man for over a year learning about hunting and cooking meat and tailoring The hermit impressed upon Droog to be polite at all times and to give up "The Drink" for his own sake.Droog agreed to follow the old mans advice and  headed for the nearest town to earn a crust.At Hlint he began working in the Wild Surge inn as a baker-selling his wares to all and sundry. He also became interested in wood and its beauty always facinated him. His great goal of working with yew wood was sadly never realised. However he became the greatest pie maker in the land, with people coming from far around so sample his wares.
    Droog was by his very nature a loner-he loved hunting in the Sielwood forest and his trips to Bear Island took him away from the usual hustle of town life.This sadly is what lead to his death--Yes dear reader travelling alone is a dangerous thing and you must possess a certain comodity called luck to protect you. For Droog --well he had used up all the luck in that cave where he alone survived. What punctuated this rather drab existance was his dealings with the Drow. He hated the ground they walked on, much to the consternation of other travelling folk if they happened to be passing when Droog was threatning to"dissembowell a drow scum and eat his liver" for having the cheek to enter Hlint. In his later years he decided to stop adventuring and concentrate on his two great loves carpentry and cooking.Sadly the former would be the death of him.Droog had decided to go to pranzis to collect mahogony on his own(a journey he had made hundreds of times before) but he was getting old and slow. Ah yes dear reader he was attacked by two giants outside Pranzis and one got in a lucky blow killing him outright. No one saw but the harvester. Droog begged the collector of souls for one more chance but reply came there none.
   It is said that late on a winters evening in the bakery at the back of the Wild Surge inn you can still hear old Droog humming an old tune sung by his clan-a song about a cauldron and two swords.....

It is with great sadness that word has come to me of Droog's passing. I didn't really know Droog, we spoke in passing only, he would approach me in my early career for weapons and armor and the likes, often on credit, but he never let a debt pass. Always paid on time. He was honest, trustworthy, and dedicated to his cause.
  If there were more like him in the world, I think it would be a more quiet and peaceful place.
  I hope he finds peace in his afterlife, I will search for him when it is my time and we will sit and talk about times gone and have a bit of pie and ale and relax.
    //Really am sad to hear of this, to me you were always a strong presence on the server, not a mover or shaker or whatever, but just someone that was having fun doing their thing, quiet, didn't cause trouble, dedicated... honestly, I wish there were more like you. I hope you stick around after this loss, but if you don't, good luck and I hope you find something out there to keep you enjoying yourself.

//Thanks for the kind words ghost- Droog the unlucky(last three death rolls he got a token-I think I have better odds on the state lottery!!)I have not gone away and Serg, Nom and Mandrake are to be found out and about!

Talan Va'lash:
*Talan journeys to willows weep and enters the hall of heros.  Walking up to the newly laid casket, he places a pie on the ground in front of it.  He then takes several steps back and stands at attention as if saluting, then drops into a low formal elven bow, turns on his heel and departs.*

This will be placed in Willows Weep.


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