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Yar D' Ydnar's Demise


Yar Ydnar:
"Why is Rodlin running?  What did he say?  Crap!! Did he just say crap?  What's chasing him?  Bugbears! Too many.  Turn.  Run. Too late.   Surrounded.  Have to fight.  Maybe I can distract enough of them so the others can escape.  One down.  Two down.  Three down.  Too many.  Can't watch my back.  Where are the others?  Run you dolts!  Why is Rodlin so close?  Quit hitting me in the back! Have to clear a path.  Have to run.  Have to escape. So weak.  Another down.  An opening.  Run! ARGH! ... So tired. So very tired.  I'll just lie here a while and rest.  What's this?  Some kind of Demon!  Get your claws off me!  Let me go!  Can't watch.  Just a dream.  Close your eyes go back to sleep.  It will all be better when you awake.  Better now.  So comfortable.  Haven't felt this good in along time.  Open your eyes.  Face the new day.  Who is this holding me? Smiling at me.  So quiet.  So peaceful.  What have I done with my life?  I've left my mark.  I've trained many. Equipped many.  Saved many. Is my work done?  No.  My work will never be done.  There will always be more to do.  Hopefully those I've touched will continue. Am I ready to transcend this life?  Yes.  I'm ready.  Take me home."  Yar D' Ydnars last thoughts as the Soulmother gently cradled him in her arms in the Serpent Mountains.

Dorax Windsmith:
Yar was a true hero and mentor to me and the other members of our the Crimson Shield, he will be sorely missed.  I know there were many who benefitted from his wisdom and combat tactics.  *The Dwarf stands there saluting with a tear in his eyes*

I need a bit more information on this character, such as achievments etc. if you wish to be placed in Willows Weep.

Yar was a true hero and talented mentor.  He taught me a tremendous amount about fighting in various situations.  How to control a battle, how to fight in caves, how to fight in the open field, etc.  He was always brave but gentle with new warriors like myself.  I grieve his loss greatly and his presence in the world will be greatly missed!

Curtis Simon Orcutt  :(

Yar was one of the first to befriend me when I came to this place. He taught me what he could and he connected me with the ranger who has become in a way my mentor, Rodlin. Yar's passing is a blow against us all in the struggle with Blood, he was a true hero. Yes a true hero, for those who understand what that means no more need be said. He will be sorely missed.

Glenn Thendor


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