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[SIZE=18]Created in Layonara’s distant past by the now forgotten Master Wizards of the Academy of High Magery, stones called bindstones are scattered across the lands. Long dormant, and probably powered by both divine and arcane magics, these bindstones have, for some obscure reason, come alive again in recent years.  Nobody is sure exactly how, but it seems to allow the souls of those who have been summoned to the defense of Layonara and who do not wish to journey onward to the Planes, to be whisked away at the moment of death and return to the bindstone they bound themselves too.   At the moment, scholars think that a small part of the soul’s lifeforce, for lack of a better term, is lost in this process, mayhaps ‘paying’ for the bindstones magic in some fashion, hence probably the almost freezing cold bodies of those who use this process.[/SIZE]


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