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Change Silver and Titanium Enhancement to work on slashing weapons

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This suggestion thread was originally started in the "Bug Reports" forum as it was discovered that Silver and Titanium enhancements were not providing slashing weapons with the extra damage as intended due to slashing damage not stacking. The suggestions to correct this problem (as more detailed described in the provided thread) were as follows: 1. Create a new version of the Silver and Titanium Enhancements that does Bludgeoning Damage. So, now there would be two types of these enhancements, one that does slashing and one that does bludgeoing. The bludgeoning could be used on slashing or piercing weapons and the slashing could be used on bludgeoning or piercing weapons. This would resolve the stacking issue. Important to note that due to mechanics, the damage provided by the enhancement would take on the damage type of the base weapon (ie, adding a silver slashing to a bludgeoning weapon would convert the slashing silver to extra bludgeoning damage). This fix would allow all weapons the ability to be enhanced with titanium and silver and would not cause any overbalancing issues. 2. Change the Silver and Titanium to do elemental damage, not slashing. Suggested elemental for silver would be fire, suggested elemental for titanium would be cold. This would still allow someone to put an elemental on their weapon for base/non-vs damage, as long as it was a different type of elemental damage (ie, could have a Mithril Battle Axe with 1d8 Silver (fire) damage for vs undead/shapechanger and a 1d8 Acid damage). If you have any comments or suggestions or want to thank me that's ok too:)

3.  Same as number two, but couldn't the damage type be Magic?  The silver vs undead and shapeshifters thing always had a magical aura to it.  Just a suggestion :)

As discussed in the parent thread, Magic would be SUPER DUPER unbalancing.

Also, the Longsword is seriously the best weapon in the game. Shortsword comes close, doing well in the dual-wielding spec.

I support having a Bludgeoning-type Silver/Titanium Enhancement. Easiest way to implement might be letting the existing Silver/Titanium Enhancements have a second usable property, applying the +Bludgeoning instead of +Slashing. This would prevent the necessity of adding another recipe to the list, or adding another item to the game - only adding more script to an existing one.

Against undead/lycanthropes only, additional positive damage would not be unbalanced.  Silver is supposed to harm them because of its purity.  It is the impurity of the undeath condition or the curse of lycanthropy which makes them vulnerable to its bite.  It makes the most sense in using it as a damage type, since elemental protection spells cast by undead would not resist silver.

Besides, weapons that did positive damage, even to just undead and lycanthropes, would be decidedly awesome.  HOLY weapons!

Lon I agree that would be neat, but Leanthar has already said that would "be a bit too much".  If we can just get a little extra physical or elemental damage for the slashing weapons using titanium or silver I think we've done well :)


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